• Client: Sozo Artists
    Type: Marketing video
    Role: Director | Editor |DP
    Description: EPKs / Promotional videos for future theatrical performances

    Carnival of the Animals

    A whimsical story of our shifting societal values told through the lens of the classic work, is a new evening-length piece by spoken word artist & activist BAMUTHI, legendary dancer Wendy Whelan, and acclaimed choreographer Francesca Harper.

    Drew Dollaz

    Drew Dollaz is a pioneer of flexing, a Brooklyn-based genre of street dance also referred to as bone breaking, which is characterized by rhythmic contortionist movements. A self-taught dancer, Dollaz is known for blending flexing with other styles including ballet to create a transcendent hybrid of movement artistry.

    Daniel Bernard Roumain

    DBR’s acclaimed work as a composer and performer spans more than two decades, and has been commissioned by venerable artists and institutions worldwide. “About as omnivorous as a contemporary artist gets” (New York Times), DBR (Daniel Bernard Roumain) is perhaps the only composer whose collaborations traverse the worlds of Philip Glass, Bill T. Jones, Savion Glover and Lady Gaga.


    A Concert for Voice, Body, and Strings
    Bamuthi, Spoken Word | DBR, Violin, Piano