• Client: Independent
    Type: Music Technology
    Role: Founder | Creator

    Turntablist Transcription Method
    A musical notation system for DJs founded and created by John Carluccio in 1997. It has appeared in books, magazines, even an episode of CSI:NY.

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    Demonstration | 2002

    Company Info:

    TTM is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the turntable as a musical instrument, and of the turntablist as a musician. The primary focus of TTM’s efforts is the creation and evolution of a system of written notation to accurately document a turntablist composition in all of its subtlety and nuance.


    • Founder | Created by : John Carluccio (1997 -current)
    • Head Designer| Developer: Ethan Imboden (1998 – current)
    • Developer | Senior Transcriber: Raymond Pirtle (12/1999 -2012)
    • Transcriber: DJ Skar (2007 -current)



    • 1998: Shift Magazine (Canada) article – 1st published examples on-line
    • 2000: TTM Handbook 1.0 published
    • 2001: Press – CNN, Tech TV, NY Daily News, TIME magazine’s  ” Next 100 Innovators in Music.”
    • 2004-06: Scratch Magazine (Harris Publishing) – regular column monthly w/transcriptions.


    Official website | Facebook Page | French Version