• Client: Smack Mellon Gallery
    Type: Docu-Marketing videos
    Role: Producer| DP | Editor
    Description: Short documentaries about the studio artists at Smack Mellon Gallery.


    Lori Nix| Smack Mellon Studio Artist 
    Photographs of a city devoid of mankind.


    Chat Travieso | Smack Mellon Studio Artist
    Urban interventions.


    Nadia Awad | Smack Mellon Studio Artist 
    What is leftover culturally.


    Zachary Fabri| Smack Mellon Studio Artist
    Using the formal language of the body to inhabit overlooked urban spaces.


    Nyeema Morgan | Smack Mellon Studio Artist
    “Every work begins with a question.”


    Smack Mellon Studio Artists 2016 | Instagram Versions

    five”teaser”videos ( 15 seconds each) for Smack Mellon’s social media use.