• Client: Independent
    Type: Live Event
    Role: Co-Founder | Co-Creator | Director

    Description: “Hip-hop meets Kung Fu” A live show that presents classic kung films with a new live hip-hop musical score by skilled DJs IXL & Excess. Punches, kicks, flips are matched with musical beat juggles, backspins and scratches.

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    Hop-Fu in action! – 2011 (Super Ninjas) from Hop-Fu on Vimeo.


    • John Carluccio : co-creator | co-founder | director | manager
    • Barry Cole : co-creator | co-founder | music supervision
    • DJ Excess : co-creator | music selector | live DJ
    • DJ IXL:  co-creator | music selector | live DJ
    • DJ Roc Raida : guest DJ
    • DJ Rob Swift : guest DJ


    1998 -The original creation was called “X-Fu” that premiered at the 1998 Ret.envitable film festival featuring Carluccio, Cole w/ DJs Roc Raida & Rob Swift of The X-ecutioners.

    In 2000- “Hop-Fu” premiered at Rockefeller Institute (NY) with DJs Excess and IXL. Soon after the crew begins live touring with the movie “The Prodigal Son” to film festivals, museums and nightclubs worldwide.

    In 2001 – TV Producer, Morgan Spurlock coordinates a short-term development deal with MTV.

    Live shows from 2000- 2012 :   Smithsonian (DC), The Kennedy Center (DC), Sound Unseen Film Festival (MN), Images Festival (Toronto), HHTF (NYC, CHI), Borgota (NJ), M3 Summit (FL), Toronto Electronic Music Festival, Joe’s Pub (NYC), Ocularis (NYC), North Western University, Celebrate Brooklyn, Lane Crawford Hong Kong Store launch, and many more.

    Official website | Facebook Page